Data Entry and Processing

Data Entry Services encompass a wide variety of tasks that involves capturing, manipulating, and sorting data from different sources. Data entry services consists of keying data from manually filled and scanned forms, validation of these forms and involves rule based data entry with minimal (or none in most cases) decision making requirements from operator. The client interface is also minimal and that makes it easier to learn and implement across wide varieties of industry verticals.

The outsourcing industry began with data entry services where simple rule based processes across various industry back offices were moved to low cost countries to enable the host companies to channelize their focus on core competencies that builds firm values proposition. Data entry services range from offline to online services across Financial, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Airlines, Telecom, Oil & Energy, Utility services, and Government back office operations. There continue to be significant opportunities in the Data Entry Services both regionally and globally for Uganda to target. Uganda’s workforce culturally is very adept in managing structured rule based processes. The key markets will continue to be US & UK where there is a growing need of Data Entry Services at a lower cost across various verticals.