Private sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU)

Private sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU) is Uganda’s umbrella body for the private sector made up of 230 Business Associations, Corporate bodies and the major Public Sector Agencies that support private sector growth. Since its founding in 1995, PSFU has served as a focal point for private sector advocacy as well as capacity building and continues to sustain a positive dialogue with Government on behalf of the private sector. PSFU is also Government’s implementation partner for several projects and programmes aimed at strengthening the private sector as an engine of economic growth in Uganda.

PSFU’s competitiveness agenda is driven by the urge to increase private investments and productivity. These two are supported by a robust business environment that attracts and protects investment capital. The  business  environment  is  better  where  there  is: effective  government,  efficient  markets,  and  strong human development. The Ugandan private sector appreciates the Government of Uganda is moving steadfast to establish such an environment and both local and Foreign Direct Investments have taken advantage of the stable business environment.

PSFU as the apex body has now expanded and scaled up its reach from merely providing business information, managing projects/grants, training and Business development support, to a diverse private sector think tank and innovation hub with a new stable platform for growth and sustainable development. This is being done in full collaboration with the government of Uganda and the UNDP. PSFU is a value-based and ethically driven entity premised on 10 sectors that drive Uganda’s economic growth.

The foundation is also the focal point for the East African Business Council and the COMESA Business council. Using this platform, PSFU has spearheaded the Trade Policy and Trade Development agenda on behalf of the Uganda business community, directly engaging with regional policy platforms.

Key Mandate

  • Research and advocacy on policy issues that affect private enterprise
  • Maintain institutionalised dialogue with government on behalf of the private sector in Uganda.
  • Review of business legislation and regulation to make it more efficient for private sector operations
  • Business development support for SMEs i.e product development, standards improvement, market access, technology acquisition and application, skills training