Information Technology Helpdesks

IT helpdesks are single point of contacts that troubleshoot problems with computers, software and hardware. Organizations typically have a dedicated telephone line or automated bug tracking system that alerts the IT Helpdesk teams about an issue an employee is facing. The issue can relate to email, desktops, laptops, operating system, servers, firewalls or other telecom equipment. The trouble-shooter generally solves the problem online via screen sharing, chat, and email or on the telephone by identifying and understanding the root cause of the problem and its occurrence.

IT Helpdesks need customer orientation and process understanding more than specialized skills. Our various primary sources have indicated that the soft skills like empathy and patience are natural to Ugandans. Further, adoption of ICT in rural and primary education should help the students be well versed with ways in which the computer hardware and productivity tools like email, spread sheets and word work. This will help them identify both regular and rare problems that occur with usage of these products.